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Quantar Service Bulletins

Field Service Bulletin: 10230A - August 2008

Quantar station experiences poor squelch operation resulting in a long squelch tail.

Field Service Bulletin: 10349 - September 2009

Adding a new Quantar IntelliRepeater (IR) station, with factory delivered flash, may cause a cross-load to all stations.

Field Service Bulletin: 10360 - October 2009

SWDL will fail when installing A6.9 code to QUANTAR or STR 3000 devices using A7.7 CDs.

Field Service Bulletin: 10398 - February 2010

New Quantar/Quantro/AstroTAC 3000 RSS Archive folder location changes

Field Service Bulletin: 10400 - February 2010

Dropped audio for a subscriber in a SmartX site with Astro 25 Quantar base station.

Field Service Bulletin: 10420 - April 2010

Quantar (QTR), STR 3000, and GTR 8000 - A software upgrade resolves multiple issues as defined in the SYMPTOM section below.
  • Some faults stop reporting after 50 days uptime: QTR, STR 3000, GTR 8000, A6.7 – A7.8
  • 9.00.03D or older radios will not register with A7.6 or later GTR8000 BR SW in upper end of frequency band: GTR 8000 Site Repeater & MsBR, A7.6 - A7.8
  • GTR 8000 Base Radio Intermittently Re-setting: GTR 8000 Site Repeater & MsBR, A7.6 - A7.8
  • Downgrading from A7.8 to a previous release before setting the Base Station to Normal Mode may result in undefined behavior: GTR 8000, A7.8 ONLY
  • Additional Robustness enhancement added to A7.7 to prevent a rare BR failure: GTR 8000, 7.7 ONLY

Field Service Bulletin: 10421 - April 2010

Tone Remote Control (TRC) sequence is intermittently not decoded by Quantar.

Field Service Bulletin: 10432 - June 2010

ASTRO Simulcast timing difference between Quantar stations equipped with EPIC V and EPIC II control boards.

Field Service Bulletin: 10454 - August 2010

Quantar station may stop sending audio voice to the wireline after it has received TRC function tone from the console.

Field Service Bulletin: 10485 - January 2011

Quantar Stations and Astro-TAC receivers incorrectly report (M)CLN8426 control board as 0x91000

Field Service Bulletin: 10594A - December 2011

Quantar Base Radio – APX subscriber units used close to an A6.9/A7.2 repeater site may not gain system access.

Field Service Bulletin: 10609 - Febuary 2012

Quantar - Multiple issues as defined in the SYMPTOM section below
  1. The ‘selective alarm disable’ serial interface command doesn’t disable TX alarms
  2. If the Multi-NAC table is not completely filled in, the Quantar incorrectly accepts incoming calls with TX NAC
  3. The Quantar does not generate TX and RX alarms if the external reference fails
  4. If Quantar receiver hardware is removed from the station, and if the ‘Validate Configuration’ button in Radio Service Software (RSS) is activated, the RSS reports that the receiver matches the configuration (even though it is not installed).
    1. In the RSS metering screen, the missing receiver hardware will be reported as VHF LB Range 1.

Field Service Bulletin: 10703B - July 2013

GTR 8000 (A7.11, A7.13) – Garbled audio on a 9600 Trunking simulcast channel that has a mix of STR 3000 and GTR 8000 Base Radios (BRs) or a mix of QUANTAR and GTR 8000 BRs.

Field Service Bulletin: 10993 - June 2015

A7.15 - Conventional Quantar station may reset while processing repeat call.

Field Service Bulletin: 11022 - October 2015

A7.13, A7.14, A7.15 - GTR8000 Site Repeater Base Radio and Quantar: Software upgrade resolves multiple issues as defined in the SYMPTOM section below.
  1. A subscriber on an enhanced data channel may experience data throughput delay if the site goes through site state transition followed by tear down of MSEL call during Site trunking. When the site returns to Wide Area, subscribers might bounce back between Enhance data channel and voice channel causing delay in data throughput.
  2. Customer with APEX Subscribers may not be able to access the system within 100 feet of the site with Quantar stations used as a control channel. This is an enhancement to a previously fixed issue described in FSB10594

Field Service Bulletin: 11104 - August 2016

Quantar Base Radio – A7.16 Systems:Sites with a mix site of GTR8000 and Quantar and GTR8000 configured as control channels may experience a reset of Quantar channels under loaded condition

PSB Service Bulletin: 860C - January 2003

Low or No Power Out of the 900Mhz Quantar.

PSB Service Bulletin: 810-A - January 2002


Service and Repair Notes: S-0018 - September 2000

Quantar RF Power Output Instability
SYMPTOM: Fluctuations in RF power output may be seen on an RF wattmeter when the station is set at or near 60watts and the station is programmed between 132 MHz through 174 MHz. Additionally, an audio oscillation may be heard in the receiving subscriber for approximately 4-5 seconds at the beginning of the conversation.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0156 - March 2005

Aligning and Measuring the Quantar High Power Booster (HPB) RF Power Amplifier Output

Service and Repair Notes: S-0171 - June 2005

A Quantar IntelliRepeater (IR) with an EPIC II E-version Station Control Board (SCB) may cause another IR channel on the LAN to reset upon power up.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0176 - September 2005

Quantar ASTRO®25 Conventional base stations running Release 13.xx.xx (control board firmware versions 020.13.009, 020.13.011, 020.13.017, or 020.13.022) intermittently drop Emergency Alarm messages relayed by another Quantar repeater. This will only affect those systems where the Emergency Alarm feature is used with the configuration identified in this Bulletin.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0179 - October 2005

Incorrect power readings from Quantars with External Wattmeters installed.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0180 - Coctober 2005

Incorrect power readings from VHF Quantars with High Power Booster installed.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0184A - January 2006

6.X Quantars stop reporting faults after approximately 90 days.

Service and Repair Notes: S-0061 - June 2002

Quantar/Quantro RSS may fail to flash stations via Ethernet Method

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