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This page is a collection of info on the MTR2000 and possibly MTR3000 repeaters.

The MTR2000 was Motorola's mid range repeater in the 2000's, designed to do analog and sit between the two mobiles and the Quantar at the high end. It's basically a quantar-lite, as it runs the same RTOS, pSOS+ and runs on the same Microprocessor, but an integrated version of it and the DSP chip.


File:Motorola MTR2000

File:28F800 image for MTR2000.bin



The MTR has a depot manual, but it's not avialble AFIK. IF you have one, please tell me, I will happyily send you a shipping label, have it scanned professionally and send it back all at my cost.

The part number for the Depot Manual are 6881096E40, and 6881096E35, VHF/UHF respectively.

It's likely the RF circuits are identical (or close enough) between the Quantar and the MTR. For Example, the Power Amp uses the same pallet amplifiers/LPF/isolators as the Quantar does.

File:MTR2000 Install and Operation Manual 68P81096E20.pdf


MTR2000 Station Control Module

MTR2000 VHF Exciter

MTR2000 VHF Receiver

MTR2000 VHF R1/R2 Low Power Amplifier

Note the two 150-174 MHz Isolators in series.

MTR2000 VHF R2 High Power Amplifier