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This is about the Motorola R2001 series of test equipment from the earl/mid 1980's.



There were several A/B/C units in the 2001 series before the D came out in 1984. The earl units were offered for sale beginning in 1980, and lack some of the features of the later units. I'm not sure what they lack other than the modularity and the frequency tuning control of the D series.


The 2001D was first offered in 1984/85 as the following options:

Model Description
R-2001D Basic Model
R-2001D/HS Basic Model with 10MHz OCXO
R-2002D/HS IEEE 488 (GPIB/HPIB) and 10MHz OCXO
R-2008D/HS Cellular (AMPS) Option and 10MHz OCXO
R-2009D/HS Cellular (AMPS) Option, IEEE 488 (GPIB/HPIB) and, 10MHz OCXO

At some later date (1986?) the other options were introduced:

Model Description
R-2001D Basic Model
R-2001D/HS With high stability oscillator
R-2002D With IEEE·488 option
R-2002D/HS High stability oscillator and IEEE·4BB Bus option
R-2004D With Motorola DES option
R-2004D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola DES option
R-2005D With Motorola SECURENET option
R-2005D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola SECURENET option
R-2008D With cellular option
R-2008D/HS High stability oscillator and cellular option
R-2009D With IEEE·4BB Bus and cellular options
R-2009D/HS With high stability oscillator, IEEE-48B Bus and cellular option
R-2010D With UK cellular option
R-2010D/HS High stability oscillator and UK cellular option
R-2011D With IEEE-488 Bus and UK cellular option
R-2011D/HS High stability oscillator, IEEE·488 Bus, and UK cellular option
R-2012D/HS No idea what this is
R-2014D/HS Type 1&2 trunking and SECURENET DES/DVP options
R-2021D With Motorola Trunked Radio option
R-2021D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola Trunked Radio option
R-2045D With Motorola DES and SECURENET options
R-2045D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola's DES and SECURENET options
R-2048D/HS High stability oscillator with DES/SECURENET and Cellular Options

Board options

I call this board options as through out the life of the 2001, different boards were produced. The A12 and A13 slots can take any option board, but some combos require the GPIB card.

The service manual identified the following options:

Option Description Part Number
Option A Cellular Tel Test Board 01-P22120E001
Option B IEEE/Remote Interface Board 01-P22130E001
Option C Secure Comm Board 01-P23360K001
Option D Trunked Radio Test Board 01-P229000H001
\900 Enhanced Duplex Generator Board 01-P22338K001
AT-1 Remote control attenuator 01-80343B84

\900 this was an option which added a 39, and 55 MHz offset to the duplex generator (in addition to 45 MHz and 0-10 MHz).

Serial Numbers

The serial numbers follow the standard Motorola way of expressing the model and moanufacture date

A standard Serial number will be 415KNV0069. In this the 415 is the model type, K is a check digit, N is the Year, V is the month and 0069 is the number made in that month.

2nd Letter Year
D 1979
E 1980
F 1981
G 1982
H 1983
J 1984
K 1985
L 1986
M 1987
N 1988
P 1989
Q 1990
R 1991
S 1992
T 1993
U 1994
V 1995
W 1996
X 1997
Y 1998
Z 1999
3rd Letter Month
A 1H January
B 2H January
C 1H Febuary
D 2H February
E 1H March
F 2H March
G 1H April
H 2H April
J 1H May
K 2H May
L 1H June
M 2H June
N 1H July
P 2H July
Q 1H August
R 2H August
S 1H September
T 2H September
U 1H October
V 2H October
W 1H November
X 2H November
Y 1H December
Z 2H December


There's a bunch of manual all over the net, some I've scanned, others from other people. Some scans are better than others, I've OCR'd and cleaned up what I've found to the best of my abilities.

R2001A-R2002A Service Manual 68P81069A84-0 1980-05-30 Bad Scan

33 MiB, rough scan and source

R2001A-R2002A Service Manual 68P81069A84-0 1980-05-30 Good Scan

60 MiB, Good Scan, most complete.

R2001B-R2002B Operation & Service Manual 68P81069A93-O - 1981-06-30

10 MiB

R2001B-R2002B Operation and Service Manual 6881069A93-O

89 MiB, Best Copy

R2001C-R2002C Operation & Service Manual 6881069A99-0 - 1982-12-01 Including GPIB programing manual

40 MiB Best Copy

R2001C-R2002C Operators Manual 68P81069A99-O - 1982-12-01 Missing pages

14 MiB missing some pages

R2001D Communications System Analyzer Maintenance Manual

180mb, Best Copy but it's the first revision of the manual, so no DES/DVP board docs. The scans are full page and OCR'd. This is the manual you want.

R2001D Communications System Analyzer Maintenance Manual RLN4073A - 1996-12-15 - OCR and Best Service Manual

80 MiB, Second Best Copy, includes all options, and the DES/DVP crypto boards.

R2001D Motorola operators manual 68P81069A66-B 1985-07-15

13 MiB

R2001D Operators Manual 68P81069A66-B - 1985-07-15

6.57 MiB, not as clear as the first copy

R2001D Operators Manual Revisions Feb-2-1987

500 KiB, 1987 Manual Revisions

R2001D Service Manual 68P81069A63 - 1985-03-29 Scanned by KB9MCI

42 MiB, Service manual I scanned from a high quality copy of the OEM manual that was included with the R2008D/HS I bought in 2008.

R2008C Operators Manual 6881069A70-O - 1984-06-28

Operators Manual for Cell Test set on the 2008C series

R2008D and R2010D Operator Manual 6881069A62-O - 1985-08-07

Operators Manual for Cell Test set on the 2008D and 2010D series

R2008D-R2010D Operators Manual 68P81069A62-0


R2200-R2400 Operators Manual 68P81069A79-B



The below firmware images have been read off the PROMs inside the respective modules. I'm not sure what's what, so I've broken it out by the monitor it came from. Any additions would be helpful.


M-40 MAIN 05A - June 1995

Version 05A, M27256 Image from M40 on A14 CPU board June 1995

M-41 MAIN 05A - June 1995

Version 05A, M27256 Image from M41 on A14 CPU board June 1995

M-42 MAIN 05A - June 1995

Version 05A, M27256 Image from M42 on A14 CPU board June 1995

Secure 09A - May 1995

Version 09A, HN4827128 from A12 Secure board marked "SECURE VERSION 09A T.E.S.D. May 1995"

Audio Synth Board - U11 Rev 8443

Revision 8443, MM2716 from A-10 audio board. Likely this is a fixed "rom as logic lookup" use.

Technical notes

Extender Cards

The original extender cards are not available from Motorola. They were flexible and you were able to lay the test board on top of the unit to trouble shoot it. The card edge connectors are .1" spacing and were manufactured by Sullins Microplastics. I've had good success with after market flexible cards from eBay/china.

Fuse on Antenna Input

The antenna input is designed to take a 1/8 amp axial Picofuse made by Littlefuse - 0251.125MXL

Digi-Key has them F2308-ND

I've also used the smaller 1/16 Amp Fuse, the smallest value they offer in the 251 series. It's about 3x the cost however. Digi-Key F2307-ND

Tracking generator function

This was a little Easter Egg left in the system. One can get a spectrum analyzer and tracking generator function in the spectrum mode. This allows the use of a return loss bridge to measure return loss.

Simply set the duplex generator offset to 0 and enable the duplex generator in the spectrum analyzer mode. The offset oscillator will sweep in sync with the analyzer.

Note this is not calibrated, but it will work. There are limits to the general poor preformance of the built in spectrum analyzer.

Scope conversion

Based on a note it's possible to use an external scope with the unit if the internal CRT dies.

CRTs are very rare for the R2000 series. It is, however, possible to use an
Ocilloscope as a replacement, since the original scheme used an electrostatic CRT:

Here is how I have connected an ocilloscope to the R2001.

The scope is used as a replacement for the CRT. The scope must have X, Y, and Z inputs.

    X = Vertical.
    Y = EXT Horizontal input.
    Z = Blanking input, which is often found on the back panel of the scope.

The video will be inverted (negative) unless you construct a simple video inverter.

Connections to the R2001:

All connections are to test points on the A-2 board which is next to the CRT.
The test points are in order as noted. Also note that the LV supply will not
operate with out the HV supply connected.

    Vert: TP4
    Horiz: TP1
    Z (video): TP8
    TP1 is toward rear of the chassis.

    Vert: TP1
    Horiz: TP6 
    Z (video): TP1
    TP1 is toward the front of the chassis.

Set the scope for Ext Horiz, set Vert and horoz gains for the desired scan.
Adjust scope Intensity, and 2001 Intensity for adequate display. The only
R2001 front panel control which will be inoperative is the Focus.



I took the following pics of a R2005D/HS I repaired

A-2 Scope Amplifier Board

A-9 Scope DVM Control Board

A-10 Audio Synthesizer Board

A-11 Processor Interface Board

A-12 Securenet Board

A-14 Processor Board

A-17 RF Input Module

OCXS module

Bottom side pictures

External References

Amtronix page on the R2001D

Notes on Repeater Builder by Robert Meister

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