Ken Bryant Impersonation of Federal Agent

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Ken Bryant Impersonation of Federal Agent Case 4-726-Cr-EATON

After some other people reached out regarding disturbing comments regarding Ken Bryant, I did a bit of digging in his background. Ken claims to have several Degrees on his Linked in[1] and on his old about page on After looking into PACER for him it was found that he was indited in Federal Court for impersonating a federal law enforcement officer, and alleged radio interface in June 1984.


Not all the filings were able to be found, as refecned in the


Here's a copy of the indictment

During a conversation on or about June 11, 1984 defendant told the above-described FiU police officer that he was attempting to serve a federal warrant for obstruction of justice on an FIU student (hereinafter "the FIU student"). Defendant asked the police officer to observe the comings and goings of the FIU student in order to assist the Defendant in serving this warrant for obstruction of justice. Defendant also gave the FIU police officer an auto tag number, which auto tag was registered in the same name as the person whom defendant identified as the FIU student on whom he (defendant) stated he was seeking to serve the warrant.

the defendant, on or about the date listed above, did knowingly and willfully, transmit his voice over a radio frequency utilized by the Miami, Florida office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and therein identified himself as "KB" , signal "3-8-9-6-5" and stated there was a systems "intrusion";

1984-10-26 Grand Jury Indictment.pdf

Federal Warrant

In this next we can see the Federal Warrant where he is charged with Falsely impersonating a special agent of the United States Department of Justice.

1984-10-11 Information Form and Federal Warrant.pdf

Note on page 8 you can see the phony document where Ken States he's a special agent with the "Organized Crime Strike Force"

1984-10-11 Information Form and Federal Warrant.pdf

Booking Information Sheet

In this we can see the DOB, name and general description is a likely match for Ken. The officer noted "Possible mental condition" as well.

1984-10-12 Booking Information Sheet.pdf

Response to Discovery

In this there is a description of the evidence the feds have on him.

1984-12-05 Response to Standing Discover Order.pdf

Of the most interesting evidence claims by the Feds:

  • recording of Ken Bryant speaking over City of Miami Police frequency
  • statements over FBI radio
  • claiming to be a Federal Agent to Secret Service employee John Allen
  • Claims to FIU Police Officer Bustamante, Florida State Investigator Edward Wallace, Detective Osmond Austin, and DEA Special Agent Kenneth Goodman
  • application for private investigator's license

Psychiatric Evaluation continuance

In this we his attorney (the federal public defender) move to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist. This is not uncommon in these cases, but the summary is interesting to read. Ken may suffer from the same problems still.

Defendant was psychiatricly evaluated by Dr. Adolfo Vilasuso, psychiatrist. Dr. Vilasuso's preliminary findings indicated, among other items, that Defendant's sense of reality might be impaired and that Defendant suffered from a possible psychosis.

On December 27, 1984, Dr. Lloyd Miller, Forensic Psychiatrist, examined Defendant and filed a report which reflected

a possible personality disorder and a fantasy life which is: "CLEARLY MORE ACTIVE THAN HIS SOCIAL LIFE."

1985-01-04 Motion for Continuance of Trial for Psychiatric Evaluation.pdf

Plea agreement

1985-01-14 Pre-Plea Agreement.pdf

Ken Bryant, plead guilty Jan 14 1985, and he was 22. As this happened when he was 21, he was sentenced as a youth offender, and would be able to have the conviction vacated when he was off probation. (assuming he didn't re-offend).

Judgement Order

1985-02-21 Judgement and Probation-commitment Order.pdf

Ken was sentenced to only probation and was prohibited from possessing a gun.

Vacation of Conviction

1987-09-17 Certificate of Vacation of Conviction.pdf

Ken was able to get his probation ended early in September 1987 and since he "kept his nose clean" as a youthful offender the conviction was set aside. He no longer had to answer he was a convicted federal felon.

Ken's attempt to seal the conviction

In 1996 (when he would be 32/33) Ken wanted the case files shredded. It would appear he was not successful filing pro-se (Lincoln saying of "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." seems to ring true).

1996-11-21 Response to Motion to Expunge.pdf

Defendant complains that although his FBI Identification Division arrest and conviction records have been expunged (which the government has confirmed through an NCIC criminal history check, that he is prejudiced by virtue of the files and records maintained by the Clerk of Court's Office for the Southern District of Florida. In essence, the defendant alleges that he has been turned down for employment as a Special Agent with federal law enforcement agencies (e.g. the FBI and DEA) because the existence of those records comes to the attention of federal investigators conducting applicant background checks, thus divulging his expunged/set aside criminal history.

Looking at his claims to be a federal agent, and working for the white house, I can't expect this would have been ok to work there with it on his record.