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W9CR info site

This is a small collection of stuff about hacking various radios. Right now it's mostly about the Quantar series of radios.

I expect to have some info on the AstroTac receiver and Comparators as well.

There is some information on the Uniden MRS904 repeater converting it for amateur use.

Motorola HT1250ls 220 modifications.

Motorola R2001A/B/C/D communication service monitor information and manuals

Hamtronics 220 repeater notes

Telewave antenna patterns for radio mobile.

XTS 2500 notes on programing for the 900 MHz Ham band.

XTL Radio info on the XTL 2500/5000 mobile radios

EF_Johnson some notes and programing info on the EF Johnson 5100 and 5300 radios

Yaesu FT-51 Info on modification and service manual

Yaesu Category

Harris Falcon

dahdi_dummy for AllStarLink 1.01 and HamVoIP theft of code.

Information about the take over of AllStarLink, Inc.