Ultimate Waris Programing Cable

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This describes the best programing and flash cable for the Waris radios.


This cable has the following features:

  • FTDI based USB cable able to transfer at 115200 BPS
  • HT750/1250/1550 Programing and Flashing support
  • EX500/600 Elite Series Programing and Flashing support
  • CDM/Pro Professional Mobile Programing and Flashing support via front and back
  • Ability to connect to service cables in place of a real RIB


Required Parts

  • 5 in 1 cable
  • 2 micro switches Digi-Key P/N
  • 2 Pogo Pins Digi-Key P/N
  • Accessory Connector Digi-Key P/N
  • Accessory Pins Digi-Key P/N
  • DB-25 Female to RJ-45
  • RJ45 cable
  • RJ45 keystone jack
  • Heat shrink
  • Epoxy
  • solvents for cleaning (acetone)

You start with a working 5 in 1 cable. ensure it works first.

DB 25 M to RIB