HT1250 UHF1 PMUE1711B

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Here are pictures of the HT1250 UHF Range 1 (403-470) PMUE1711B radio. I've removed all 16 shields in this radio and it still works :-).

The factory states this is

H25RDH9DP5  	PMUE1711B  PPT LS Pref nkp UHF1  11.00

This means it was a PassPort Trunking LS Limited Key Pad model. The code plug version is 11.00, but again these version numbers are not revisions, but more a collection of features.

Some pictures were taken with a microscope, others with an Iphone. I've not edited them at all. Note the a couple of the buttons (Monitor and PTT) have fallen off the board.