2019-11-15 AllStarLink Response to Request

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Below is Todd Lesser's response. Note 5 below.

I am in receipt of your document request as of today. I never received your September 20th email or saw it on slack.

I want to address each of your requests. .

1. IRS Form 990 for the last year tax years.

As you are aware, I just got on the board in the last year. You were a board member right before I became a board member so you would know better than I would what was previously filed with the IRS over the last three years. I am not aware of any requirement to file a Form 990. If you are aware of any filings please let me know and I will see if I can locate it or request a copy from the IRS.

2. IRS Form 1023 including all attachments.

I previously explained to you on slack that we didn’t file a Form 1023.

3. The IRS determination letter for our 501(c) status was previously provided to you. Nevertheless, I am attaching it again.

4. Any records requiring disclosure under 26 USC 6104 (d)1(A)

What specific document are you looking for? You never sent me the prior year documents when I wasn’t on the board.

5. Any contract(s) assignment (s) between AllStarlink, Inc.

I can find no requirement that you are entitled to this information. If you could please provide it, we will comply.