2019-11-12 Request for documents from AllStarLink

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Bryan Fields

501 80th Ave

St Pete Beach, FL 33706



AllStarLink, Inc.

9807 SW Pueblo Terrace

Palm City, FL 34990

November 12, 2019

RE: Request for documents

Previously via email and in the AllStarLink Slack I have previously requested the following documents from AllStarLink, Inc. in accordance with 26 USC § 6104.

  • IRS returns (Form 990 and schedules) for the last three (3) tax years.
  • IRS form 1023 including all attachments
  • IRS determination letter for 501(c)3 status
  • Any records requiring disclosure under 26 USC § 6104(d)1(A)
  • Financial statements for the last 3 years and interim statements for FY2019 disclosing income and expenditures in accordance with FS617
  • Any contract(s) or assignment(s) between AllStarLink, Inc. and the estate of HR Jim Dixon designating AllStarLink, Inc. as the legal owner of assets held by Mr. Dixon’s estate.

As of September 20, 2019, this request has not been fulfilled in the 30-day allowance under 26 USC § 6104(d)1(B). I trust this was an oversite on the part of AllStarLink, and look forward to AllStarLink’s compliance in this matter.

Please provide copies to the address above or state in writing the reason for AllStarLink’s continued non-compliance with this request.

Thank you,

Bryan Fields

Via USPS: 7016-0340-0001-0614-6485

Cc: Registered Agents Inc., 7901 4th Street North, Suite 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702