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The Wireline Boards come in several different models, some at 8 wire with 4 audio ports and 2 v.24/modem ports and others are 4wire. The 8wire boards support more IO physically than the 4 wire, but other than that are not really interesting in Quantar service.

In ATAC service the 8wire boards are standard as they support 2 v.24 or analog channels per board.


Astro-Tac receiver only?

No idea about these parts. Analog only maybe?



Version 1

These are the first versions of the boards and do not support the auto upgrading firmware to match the SCM version. The latest firmware is 20.10.816 for these boards.

Wireline 20.10.816 for AT27C010 Chips. This works with the 20.14.048 Conventional Firmware. They will also work in the ST29F010 chips which are programmable. Note, the AT29C020 chips programmed with this will not work in the V1 card, but this will boot (no auto-upgrade) on the V2 card.


Wireline U134 Upper 20.10.816
Wireline U135 Lower 20.10.816


4 wire wireline

Older board, only supports a 128k EEPROM (27c010)


Older board, 8 wire version of TRN7477F

I've never seen this board.

Version 2

These are the newer boards and the only boards supported in the ATAC comparator. All these support the auto upgrading of firmware to match the SCM version.

In the ATAC the Firmware is on a AM29F002NBB, and this is the only chip that will work for the auto upgrade to work.

The Quantar uses an AT29C020 chip and again this is the only chip supported for auto upgrade to work.

If you match WL firmware to your SCM you can mix and match chips, but of course auto upgrade is not going to work.
Of course you can't use a ATAC WL in a Quantar and vice versa with out changing the firmware. Again the boot loader is locked.


Wireline for ATAC 3k R03.19.001

Wireline for Quantar NIR/IR R020.14.003 for NIR-R020.14.048



4 Wire Board

The CLN6957 is the International version and doesn't support connections to the external 50 pin telco connector, only to the screw terminal connector (orange block).

CLN6955 Pictures


8 wire boards

CLN7343B Pictures

This was a 8 wire board from an ATAC 9600 converted Quantar Service.


8 wire boards, later revision?


Wireline and power supply board

Add on Boards

There exist two add on boards to the Wireline, a Modem card and a v.24 level converter card.

v.24 TTN4010

This is a level converter board from the TTL levels present on the wireline.

There is more info and a pinout on the Quantar V.24 Interface page.

There is a MC74HC373 latch/driver connected in such a way on this board that the data lines get a 0x55 or 0x54 depending on if CD is active or not. What's strange is this appears to be not needed as there's a CD input on pin 31 of the 50 pin header. I've not seen this be an issue in testing.


Need pics of the modem

Firmware notes

AM29F002NBB DataSheet
AT29C020 Datasheet