VHF Exciter

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Work in progress on moving Qunatar bands. These are depreciated, refer to the pages on each FRU.

Going to move this to the various exciter/PA/receiver pages verses having its own page.

VHF R2 to R1

Looks like it should work


Parts difference and re-tune the VCO's


25W PA

This covers both R1 and R2.

125W PA MODELS TLD3101/TLD3102

The 125W PA is the same PA pallet, Low Pass Filter, and IPA. The circulator is different, and about 300 from MOTO. Should be a matter of changing the ID bits

CLD1298 and CLD1299 newer 125W PA's look like they are them same.

VHF R2 to 220 MHz

Software works, it's putting the R4 code plug in, verified the 212.5 cross over frequency for the VCO's. Still need to work out some bugs in it. Should use the 800 MHz for the 220 MHz programing.

Exciter is working.

PA is a complete rebuild, working on it, circulator is being reworked. The A+B voltage feeds are a problem. Right now it keys up, and then shits the bed as the PA is fail. I've tested it by putting good voltage on the IPA, PA, FPA and SWR sense lines. Still doesn't like the PA not drawing current and craps out after like 30 seconds, but it was long enough to test the output from the exciter, it's 13.5 dBm on the Rigol.

Receiver VCO is working, need to modify the image filter and test.