Station Access Module

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The Station Access Module or SAM is basically the same board from the MSF but with a Quantar glue interface and slightly different firmware.

Programing must be done using the DOS based RSS, and can be confusing between interactions of the wireline wildcard functions and SAM programing. What is cool is the SAM can be programed to respond the DTMF, or even MDC for repeater access. I know of several people using it to change the NAC for p25 when assholes get on and run crypto. It's funky to program, but solid kit.


Station Acess Module RSS Users Guide 68P80309E35-A

App Note: Dual Control of Gated Access Via Tone Remote and SAM

MSF5000 SAM Manual - This Manual has schematics which match most of the SAM board in the quantar.


Station Access Module RSS