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The EPIC V is a new board, so new that the service manual doesn't include diagrams of it. The most interesting Thing is the SIMM on it, it's a complete redesign. This is likely due to the 29f040 parts being out of production.


The below pictures are from the MCLN8447B module I have.

Redesigned SIMM

Included with this SCM was a totaly different design of a 80 PIN simm. This uses a dual bank 3 volt flash chip with level converters to interface with the 5v logic on the SCM. This is likely as the classic 29F040 and other AMD flash chips were discontinued in the 2000's. I can't fin anything on the listed motorola part number of 0180706J65 which this had on it.

I was able to read and write to it using my SIMM programmer, and this had IR code on it.