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The EPIC 1 is the first generation of the SCM.


These are good SCM's if you don't have a SIMM, as they can take the 29F040 flash chips with a dip switch change. If you have one with a SIMM on it, remove the SIMM and install the chips! Use the SIMM for an EPIC 2 or 3.

The complete schematics are PNG format and are also available as a pdf

Know issues

This is known to have a problem with no or low transmit modulation. This has been traced back to U306 in the audio processing stages on the SCM. It's a MAX292EWE+ available from Digi-Key for about 7 dollars.

Station Control Module Epic 1 U306 Diagram showing part that goes bad resulting in low or no transmit modulation.


First Generation

You can tell these based on the real LEDs on the front, vs the light pipe with SMD LEDs on the others.

Second Generation

Note the light pipes on the LEDs