DIU 3000

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The DIU 3000 is the interface for digital voice to the Quantar. It will implement trunking talk groups, decode voice data and interface it to a wireline with tone remote to a console, and even supports crypto with SCM modules.


I found the DIU is able to output quite a bit of detailed diagnostic info via the serial port. The below is an idea of what it can do. Dumping the firmware gives some more info as well.

DIU3000 Hacking Console Log


DIU3000 CPS/CSS software 8.00.18 30-APR-2005


DIU3000 Owner Manual - 102 pages

68P02934C10-B ASTRO DIU3000 Digital Interface Unit - Owner's Manual (Phone Patch)

I can't find a schematic diagram of it. There seems to be lots of parts in one of these for what it actually does.


Crypto Module

I think this is a DES module.