2019-08-18 AllStarLink Board Meeting Minutes

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ASL Board Meeting Minutes

2019.08.18 – Dave Shaw

Meeting called to order @ 08:24 PDT

Meeting adjourned @ 09:50 PDT

Board members


Pete Elke PE

Tim Sawyer TS

Dave Shaw DSTodd Lesser TL

Kevin Custer KC


Mike Wolthuis MW

  1. Official Actions
    1. Adoption of 2019.08.11 Board meeting minutes.
      1. PE motion to accept, TS seconded. motion carried
  1. Admin group report (MW)
    1. MW “its been slow”, while moving off SEAL is a priority (to reduce costs), progress on SEAL task list and SSL certs have not moved forward.SEAL action items list is on GIT (no update on these topics (MIke is absent).
    2. PE proposed making SEAL retirement the highest priority for the admin team.
    3. PE has action to set up an admin meeting.
    4. TS Stacy reported “SEAL retirement is 75% complete”
  1. Hosting resources cost (2019.06.24 open)
    1. MW absent (no update)
    2. Tim add a NFO server to support moving community. ~$230/year
  1. Software/Services for non-profits
    1. SLACK update (complete)
    2. Google (no update) (create a new account allstarlinkinc@gmail.com)
    3. PayPal (Todd, no update)
  1. Treasurer's report: (DS)
    1. PayPal balance: $2,132.92 (2019.08.18)
    2. Bank balance $463.71 (2019.07.14) not including NFOservers debit
    3. TL suggested we need to increase donations.
      1. What are our reserves
      2. What are our monthly expenses
        1. Hosting
        2. Insurance
        3. Legal/accounting
        4. Misc
      3. What is the donation run rate
    4. DS to work up an initial budget mid August (no update).
    5. Need a donation form letter for end of year (target issuing in mid-January) DS has action.
    6. TL requested updating the web page with our non-profit status on web page. (TS complete)
  1. Repack (KC) (2019.08.18 KC no update)
    1. CM119B issue, KC received formal application notes.
    2. KC has identified a new developer who has offered to work on code necessary for re-pack for CM119B chip. TS suggested moving forward with work on existing code base.
  2. app_rpt mailman list shutdown
    1. Proposal to shutdown mailman app_rpt list.
      1. Revisit shutdown of app_rpt mail list scheduled for 2019.08.25
      2. Draft of shutdown notice complete
  3. Who had access to critical services.
    1. Moving forward requesting that minimum of two admins (Mike & Stacy) have access.
      1. PE & TL will work with Mike to cleanup service contact list.
    2. Copyright discussion
  4. Executive session
    1. PE Proposed, TL seconded
  5. New Business
    1. TS: MW requesting physical mailing address.
      1. PE proposed collecting of all addresses listed for ASL link. (DS has ation to will work with TL to assemble a list).
    2. TL action to create and circulate announcement notice requesting assistance with admin of ASL development.
    3. PE will set up an admin call on SLACK
  6. PE proposed closing meeting @9:50 TL seconded