2019-03-24 AllStarLink Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes of ASL Board Meeting

24-March-2019 – Pete Elke

Meeting called to order @ 8:05

Meeting adjourned @ 9:00

Board members present:

Pete Elke PE

Tim Sawyer TS

Mike Wolthuis MW

Absent:Kevin Custer KCTodd Lesser TLDave Shaw DS

  1. Official Actions
    1. Adoption of 2019.03.19 Board meeting minutes.
  1. Admin group report (TS,MW)
    1. Issues with @ORD servers
  1. SEAL technical items (MW)
    1. New target 4/1/19
  1. Allstar Community (TS)
    1. No updates
  1. Hosting resources cost (MW)
    1. No updates
  1. Paying for SLACK Google etc. environment (TS)
    1. DS applied for TechSoup.
    2. IRS letter needed to complete TechSoup application (TL has action)
  1. Issuing new Node numbers (TS)
    1. Tim wrote a draft a white paper for publication to the community with request for comments.
    2. MW and TS to sync up on admin team input
    3. Wiki item added for node numbering
    4. Tim confirms user are NOT required to take any action
  1. Treasurer's report (Not present)
  1. RTCM FW (Trimble 4/19 Thunderbolt rollover)
    1. MW spoke with Chuck working on short term fix.
    2. Nate is assisting Chuck on re-compiling RTCM firmware and testing.
    3. Discussion about squelch change options.
    4. Need long term fix (where week is ignored by ChanVoter)
  1. Repack (TS, MW)
    1. (TS) reports good progress on testing, thanks Mike, Nate
    2. (TS) relayed concerns about changes to default out-of-box settings
    3. Possible hardware change to URI would remove need for “B” RX change
    4. (KC) to identify possible resister changes for next meeting.
  1. Reached out to Dave Cameron on IRLP (TS, confirmed no change)