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220 HT1250ls

Modding this to the ham band is quite easy from a software standpoint. These radios are narrow band only on the receive path, as the 200 MHz band was never used for 25 KHz channels. Their are 3 filters in the radio, 1 at 44.85 MHz 1st IF and 2 at 455khz, 2nd IF.

In a normal Waris HT there is a 15KHz filter at the 1st IF followed by a 15KHz filter at the second IF and then followed by another filter. It's this last filter that is switched between narrow and wide in the VHF/UHF radios. TX deviation is a setting in programming/alignment.

In the 220 version, there 1st IF is the same, but it's got a 12KHz and then a 9 KHz filter at the second IF.

I've changed out some filters and found it works much nice on the ham bands. You need to adjust the squelch for 25khz channels after doing this. The tuner software (2.00.02) will do this, the new software will not adjust anything other than 12.5 khz. Use the old software.

220 front end     44.85MHz       FL3201    MXF45         9180022M10   4-pole +-7.5khz bandwidth
IF2 First filter  455KHz         FL3204    CFUCJ455F     9180468V04   4-pole 12khz                
IF2 filter narrow band filter    FL3206    CFWC455G      9180469V03   6-pole 9khz}}}

The UHF handhelds use the same arrangement, but with a wider middle filter (1st @455). In wideband they switch only the 2nd 2nd IF filter to a narrow band filter.

uhf front end     44.85MHz       FL301    MXF45          9180022M11  
IF2 First filter  455KHz         FL302    CFUCJ455E      9180468V05   4-pole                
IF2 filter wide band filter      FL303    CFWC455E       9180469V05   6-pole
IF2 filter narrow band filter    FL304    CFWC455G       9180469V03   6-pole

The 1st IF is under the shield, and very hard to remove. I've not messed with it, as it appears to be the same part in the UHF

Based on the following codes for muratta filters

Muratta filters 
E is +- 7.5 (15)
F is +-6 (12)
G is +- 4.5 (9)

The 220 Filters are 12 and 9 Khz wide at the 2nd IF. Switching them to the E filters of the UHF HT1250 is rather easy, as they are just on the underside of the board, not under a shield. An under board heater with a hot air station makes this rather easy.

Ive found an under-board board pre-heater is mandatory to work with this and 630f at 7 l/m of airflow will prevent hurting the board/parts/

I've found the sensitivity to be a bit better and no squelch clipping on 3.2kc tone at 7khz of deviation (Most ham rigs on 220 have WIDE deviation!).

Software mod

The easiest way to mod this is using the 160 channel srecord.


File:HVN9025 v6.12.05.zip

File:R02.02.00 Waris Tuner.zip

File:Us waris lab upgradekit r03.08.00.zip

File:HT1250LS 217-222 split to 216-225 split.s19