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This is about the Motorola R2000 series of test equipment from the earl/mid 1980's.

The 2001D was first offered in 1984/85 as the following options:

Model Description
R-2001D Basic Model
R-2001D/HS Basic Model with 10MHz OCXO
R-2002D/HS IEEE 488 (GPIB/HPIB) and 10MHz OCXO
R-2008D/HS Cellular (AMPS) Option and 10MHz OCXO
R-2009D/HS Cellular (AMPS) Option, IEEE 488 (GPIB/HPIB) and, 10MHz OCXO

At some later date (1986?) the other options were introduced:

Model Description
R-2001D Basic Model
R-2001D/HS With high stability oscillator
R-2002D With IEEE·488 option
R-2002D/HS High stability oscillator and IEEE·4BB Bus option
R-2004D With Motorola DES option
R-2004D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola DES option
R-2005D With Motorola SECURENET option
R-2005D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola SECURENET option
R-2008D With cellular option
R-2008D/HS High stability oscillator and cellular option
R-2009D With IEEE·4BB Bus and cellular options
R-2009D/HS With high stability oscillator, IEEE-48B Bus and cellular option
R-2010D With UK cellular option
R-2010D/HS High stability oscillator and UK cellular option
R-2011D With IEEE-488 Bus and UK cellular option
R-2011D/HS High stability oscillator, IEEE·488 Bus, and UK cellular option
R-2021D With Motorola Trunked Radio option
R-2021D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola Trunked Radio option
R-2045D With Motorola DES and SECURENET options
R-2045D/HS High stability oscillator and Motorola's DES and SECURENET options


The following



I took the following pics of a R2005D/HS I repaired

A-2 Scope Amplifier Board

A-9 Scope DVM Control Board

A-10 Audio Synthesizer Board

A-11 Processor Interface Board

A-12 Securenet Board

A-14 Processor Board

A-17 RF Input Module

OCXS module

Bottom side pictures