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Background on the Tampa Hypervisor purchase

In late 2017 AllStarLink needed a proper server. The stats server was failing, and I had offered a donation of space/power/bandwidth at my Tampa colo. The decision was made to buy a 1 RU HP DL360 Generation 7 server used for ~$900 shipped.

At the time ASL, Inc. was unable to buy it as they were not 501(c)3. I arranged for our local club here FSG, Inc. to buy it and donate the hypervisor space to ASL, Inc. Donations were made to FSG, inc. by several individuals totaling the purchase price and FSG purchased it. This was installed and operational late December 2017.

This was in essance two donations:

  • FSG owned the server and donated the resources of it to ASL, Inc.
  • Power, bandwidth, and space was a personal donation of myself. Note bandwidth was 15 mbit+/s

In 2019 I made the decision to stop donating resources to ASL, Inc. This was the space, bandwidth and power to the VM's running on the FSG owned hypervisor, and additional VMs (NMS, powerdns, rsync, logging, VPN) on my other, non FSG owned, servers.

AllStarLink, Inc. threw a fit about having the FSG owned server returned to them. They are under the impression that they own it, and ignore the history and agreements.

1st Email to admin list

approval by board members

Final email to board regarding server ownership

Current Status

As of the end of 2019, this server is worth about $325 on the market due to depreciation. This is a slightly better CPU than the ASL server, but lacking the other 4 146gb 15k disks, which are 5-8 dollars each.