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This is mostly a response I received from AllStarLink regarding my public records request.

Note that ASL, Inc is unwilling to provide proof of any assignment of copyright from the estate of Jim Dixon, WB6NIL.

UPDATE: AllStarlink, Inc. actually filed the agreement with the FCC ULS while applying for Jim's callsign. This is between Sheri Orloff and ASL. Supposedly they paid thousands to an attorney to draw this up. This is either a lie or stupid as 99.9% of this agreement is the same from this website. Either way, it's a bad use of money.

Note, I've OCR'd this document here.

Here is a link to their Florida Department of State filings.

Request for disclosure

This is my formal request 2019-11-12 Request for documents from AllStarLink. The PDF is there too.

Todd's Response

2019-11-15 AllStarLink Response to Request

Donations to ASL, Inc. from Bryan Fields

I've compiled a list of all donations of money/materials/etc I've given to ASL inc.

The google sheet is here

As of March 2020 the total is $8,344.93


AllStarLink IRS Form 1023 EZ filing.pdf

AllStarLink IRS Determination letter of tax-exempt status

2018 Allstarlink e-Postcard Filing Confirmation

media:ASL assignment agreement.pdf -- ASL assignment agreement from Sheri Orloff

Board Minutes

The category has all the ASL board meeting minutes.

Note I've post processed these and found the bank accounts don't add up, and poor board member attendance by a majority of the board.

Most queer is there was a transfer between April 21 and April 28, 2019 from the Paypal to checking of $1000 making the bank balance $1,524.96. The next reported balance of the bank account on May 19, 2019 is $463.71, and PayPal is unchanged.

This means $1,061.25 went somewhere that was never voted upon by the board.

Mailing List

This has it's own page.

You can read through the history at the link above.

If you want to subscribe, here's the link

Tampa Hypervisor

ASL, Inc. maintains they own the server in Tampa. This is wrong and the provenance is well documented here