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The Quantar wireline board has what is known as "Wildcard" function. This a very basic logic programing which can do certain things at some interrupt.

Wildcard comes in two different versions, Basic and Enhanced. The 4 wire board only has basic officially, and the 8 wire board could do either with Enhanced being a Right to Use license. The difference between basic and enhanced is the logic is limited for basic, and the 8 wire board has more IO lines available than the 4 wire.

Good news is the Quantar doesn't care and you can use the 4 wire as enhanced. Simply set it to 8 wire and enhanced in the WinRSS main screen, viola, you now have all the functions on the 4 wire, other than the input/output lines which need the hardware on the 8 wire card

One (1) optically-coupled input • Seven (7) transistor-coupled inputs • One (1) relay closure output (normally open contact) • Three (3) transistor-coupled outputs