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  Unified call contacts -> 2500
  Unified call contacts -> 2500
[[File:APX CPS Conventional row view.png|center|thumb|APX CPS Conventional row view]]
APX CPS Conventional row view.png|APX CPS Conventional row view
[[File:APX CPS Conventional record view.png|left|thumb|APX CPS Conventional record view]]
APX CPS Conventional record view.png|APX CPS Conventional record view
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= Images =

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APX 8500

Programing notes

Mapping is as follows:

Frequency > personality > Zone + Frequency

If you use xml to insert a zone number > than the number of zones it will change it to the next free number. You cannot skip numbers. If you have a zone number that already exists but the name is different it will not change the name or update that zone, but rather insert it at the end. The number and the name must match to update the zone programing.


Zones -> 200
Channels in a zone -> 625
Conventional Personalities -> 255
Frequencies in a personality -> 1250
Scan Lists -> 200
Channels per list -> 30
Unified call contacts -> 2500


Mid Power Brick




TIB board